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Chicken Taragon Sauce - 2 portions

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Beautiful legs of free range chicken slowly cooked in taragon sauce with carrots and onions.

Ingredients : Chicken, chicken stock (gluten, milk, eggs, celery), white wine, cream (milk), carrot, onions, butter (milk), flour (gluten), salt, taragon and spices.

Net Weight 400 grams - Serve 2 people.

All ingredients but pepper are made in France. Prepared with NO food dyes, NO flavor enhancer, NO preservative.

Cooking Instructions: Heat up gently in "Bain-Marie" in its jar and serve hot.

To be served with boiled potatos, rice or fresh pasta.

Shelf Life: 3 years cupboard before opening, 3 days kept chilled and covered once opened.

Made in France, from the farm production at St-Sever (South West of France).