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Dried Bean Curd Sticks 200g

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200g by ZF.

Oriental,  use Beancurd Sticks in dishes like soups for its chewy texture. It is formed from the skin that forms on top of heated soya milk, which is then dried and packed. It is also known as dried tofu stick,

Ingredients: soybean, water.

Size of sticks will vary.
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Dried beancurd sticks might not sound or look like the most enticing ingredient at the Asian market, but when you know how to prepare them – and it isn't hard – they just might become one of your go-to ingredients for braises, stir fries, soups, and salads.

Dried beancurd sticks, also known as dried tofu skin, yuba, fu zhu, or bamboo tofu, are made from the skin that forms on the surface of boiled soy milk.

Rehydrating dried beancurd sticks is a must; cover them with water and let them sit for at least 8 hours and up to a day. Then drain, cut them into bite-size pieces, and use like you would meat or tofu. The flavor of beancurd sticks is fairly mild, so they take on the flavors that you cook them in.