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Duck neck stuffed with Foie Gras 400g

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Specialty of the Landes region. After cleansing the skin of the neck of duck, we stuff it with a stuffing based on meat of pork, duck and of course duck foie gras.

Ingredients : Duck neck skin, Pork mince, Poultry liver, Duck Foie Gras, Armagnac, salt, pepper, eggs and spices.

Net Weight 400 grams

All ingredients but pepper are made in France. Prepared with NO food dyes, NO flavor enhancer, NO preservative.

Cooking Instructions : Can be enjoyed cold or hot.

Cold: To cool at least 12 hours before the time of tasting and make slices of 5 mm approximately. Then present alone on a seasoned salad or as a complement on a salad (with slices of smoked duck for example).

Warm: After having degreased coarsely, fry pan on all sides so that the skin is lightly toasted. Cut into slices and serve with fried potatoes in grease and a salad. You can also saute it in slices to go faster.

Shelf Life: 2 years cupboard before opening, 3 days kept chilled and covered once opened.

Made in France, from the farm production at Souprosse (40250).