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Espelette Chilli Pepper Olive Oil 250ml

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The unique and potent taste of Espelette chilli pepper, the signature ingredient in Basque cuisine, comes into its own in this olive oil infusion.
Simultaneously powerful and subtle, only 4g of pepper for every litre of extra virgin olive oil is required to give the infusion a deep orange colour.
It's the perfect accompaniment to all your Basque dishes: piperade, veal shoulder stew, chicken casserole.

The Chef's Advice: Just a few drops of this truffle oil is enough to perfume your dishes such as mashed potato, pastas, risotto or salads.

Made from 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & AOP Espelette Chilli Pepper.

100% Made in France at Espelette.

Shelf life: 18 months