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Peeled White Asparagus "Sable des Landes" - 700g

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Sables des Landes asparagus is a special type of white asparagus grown in the sandy soils of the Landes, and holding PGI status since 2005. Just a few kilometres from the ocean in the midst of a huge pine forest, the asparagus is, for the most part, sheltered from the sun to preserve its whiteness. This unique area extends over 1.4 million hectares,and has 3 primary advantages: deep, sandy soils with good permeability; a maritime oceanic climate; and traditional skills handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of the 20th century. To comply with strict specifications, the asparagus is harvested early, then shipped, packaged and refrigerated all within a maximum 4 hours of harvest. One of the most delicious rites of spring!

Ingredients : White Asparagus PGI Sables des Landes hand-peeled, water, salt, sugar.

Net Weight 700 grams.

Prepared with NO food dyes, NO flavor enhancer, NO preservative.

Ready to cook/eat.

Shelf Life: 3 years cupboard before opening, 5 days kept chilled and covered once opened.

Made in France, from the farm production at St-Sever (South West of France).